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General Considerations for Housing of Non-Slusser Philatelic Society Libraries

The proposed housing of the holdings each Philatelic Society Library will be considered on a case by case basis, but the following criteria will be used in making the final decision as to whether or not a philatelic society library’s holdings will be housed in the Slusser Library:

  • Scope – Does the proposed collection fit the scope of the Slusser Library?
  • Space – How many linear feet are the holdings? Will additional shelving need to be purchased?  Are there any special storage needs (e.g. oversize, flat boxes, maps, photos, DVDs)  Are there rare materials that need to be segregated?
  • Reference support – Who will answer reference questions and how will this be handled? Who will be responsible for photocopying, mailing, and billing?
  • Use by PHF patrons – Are the materials available for general use?
  • Cataloging – Are the holdings catalogued?  If so, what system and format have been used?  How will the Slusser staff know what is in the holdings? If the material is to be catalogued to Slusser’s specifications, who will fund the cataloging process?
  • Accessioning – How will additions to the collection be handled?
  • Duration – How long will the holdings of the Philatelic Society Library be at PHF?
  • Special requirements of the collection – Are there any special preservation needs or related concerns?  Will this collection require special temperature and humidity control?
  • Accommodation – Who will be responsible for funding and effecting any shifting of Slusser material to accommodate the collection and to get the collection on the shelf?
  • Insurance – Who will provide insurance?
  • Fumigation – If this collection has been in storage, has it been professionally examined for insect infestation and mold?
  • Journals – Who will maintain subscriptions?  Will journals need to be boxed as new ones come in?

A sub-committee consisting of a Board member (or members), the Chair of the Slusser Library Committee, and the librarian of the Slusser Library is the evaluating group of any proposal and their recommendation will be brought to the Board for confirmation.