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Youth Education

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Welcome back to school! Its time to request a guest speaker and/or order lessons! Our resources provide a great supplement to your classroom learning requirements. The visual history recorded by stamps from around the world enriches and supports the Common Core requirements. Postage stamps can be integrated into all disciplines: history, art, language arts, math, geography, and others. Each student can hold, touch, investigate, learn, and keep every stamp we supply. Please check our List of Lessons and Topical List as well as other tabs to the right on this screen to learn ways you can integrate stamps into your learning environment. Students love learning with stamps!


Who will be the WINNER?

The invitations have been sent out to the top five winners of each age group in our Annual Tucson Birthday Stamp Design Contest!  On August 22, 2014 we are celebrating Tucson's 239th birthday with a special awards ceremony for this year's winners.  All of the winners will be given certificates, ribbons, t-shirts,  Bookman's gift certificates and other prizes at the ceremony. Not only will the fifteen students receive their awards but the Grand Winning design will be announced!  Right now custom legal US postage is being printed with the grand winning design pictured on it!  All will be revealed on August 22, 2014 at 10am in the Slusser Library at the Postal History Foundation.  910 North First Avenue   Tucson, Arizona   85719     520-623-6652

Click here for some of the 2013 winning designs!



Don't miss the fun!

Plan on making the Postal History Foundation a field trip destination any time of the year. Our fun, educational field trips are the best value in town at only $2 per student. Teachers and chaperones are free. We plan the field trip around your requirements for your students. You can email us at or fill out the online request form on the panel to the right.